What media is saying about Yasir Naqvi and his plans

What media is saying about Yasir Naqvi and his plans

September 18, 2021


Yasir Naqvi is back with renewed enthusiasm for politics — and a new look

Randal Denley
Ottawa political commentator and author
Ottawa Citizen
August 31, 2021

The political renaissance of Liberal Yasir Naqvi is the big story of Ottawa’s lacklustre federal election campaign. The former provincial cabinet minister is likely to be a significant player locally if Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are re-elected.

Yasir Naqvi is a relative rarity in politics, a person who can think rationally, deal with issues dispassionately and still fight for the interests of his constituents. It’s good to see him back.

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Naqvi pledges 1,700 new affordable units in Ottawa Centre, wants to see social housing waitlist reduced

Taylor Blewett
Ottawa Citizen
August 27, 2021

“I will continue to advocate that we build more social housing through not-for-profit housing providers, so that we are really, truly addressing chronic homelessness,” Naqvi said, citing a desire to see the social housing waitlist reduced as much as possible.”

“And my commitment, if elected as a member of Parliament, to work on this, not only delivering real affordable housing right here in our community, but also improve the policy so that we are making a true impact in our communities.”

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Naqvi proposes protection law for Experimental Farm while Civic Hospital project rolls on

Jon Willing
Ottawa Citizen
September 3, 2021

Now, running as Ottawa Centre’s federal Liberal candidate in the Sept. 20 election, Naqvi is including the hospital project in his “climate action plan” for the riding as he calls for security for the Experimental Farm and O-Train integration with the future hospital campus.

Naqvi, who announced his climate platform Thursday at the Hampton Park woods off Island Park Drive, says there clearly needs to be a new modern Civic hospital, but he’s troubled by the ongoing work to design the health campus.

“I do have concerns in terms of the process that has been followed as it relates to the design of the hospital,” Naqvi said. “I think we need more community engagement, such as through the community engagement group that was created, to ensure that the new hospital really meets some of the concerns of the community.”

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Adam: The hospital will be built. Focus on protecting the rest of Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm

Mohammed Adam
Ottawa Citizen
September 9, 2021

Ottawa residents who are worried about the future of the Central Experimental Farm once the new Civic hospital campus is built, may take comfort in Yasir Naqvi’s call for legal protection for the city landmark.

The location of the $2.8-billion hospital on the Experimental Farm near Dow’s Lake has been met with considerable opposition from many, whose main fear is that the project would open the door to further development. Once its sanctity is breached, it won’t be long before the Experimental Farm as we know it, is gone, they argue. They are not entirely wrong.

But Liberal candidate Yasir Naqvi’s promise to legislate protection of the farm, could be what’s needed.

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Residents concerned about parking, environmental sustainability of potential new hospital, candidate says

CBC News
September 18, 2021

Yasir Naqvi, Liberal candidate for Ottawa Centre, says more community consultation is needed when it comes to the new campus of The Ottawa Hospital, but the protection of the Central Experimental Farm should be a priority.

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Should cars be banned on a long stretch of Colonel By Drive for a full year? One federal candidate thinks so

John Willing
Ottawa Citizen
September 15, 2021

Ottawa Centre Liberal candidate Yasir Naqvi asked the NCC to close Colonel By Drive to cars for a full year. He has included the idea as part of his election campaign.

“Extending the popular Colonel By Drive pilot project to a full-year would not only allow our community to get out of their cars to walk, bike and roll to work and school, it would also give our community the necessary data and comprehensive details to measure the quantitative success of this important project,” Naqvi said in his letter to Nussbaum. “Major cities around the world are taking measures to convert major streets from vehicular traffic to active transportation. This is our opportunity in Ottawa.”

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Liberal climate plan likely least costly, most effective, says economist assessing main parties’ proposals

Peter Zimonjic
CBC News
September 3, 2021

The Liberals have the most effective, least costly climate change policy of the four main federal parties, according to one economist, but the Conservatives are not far behind in second place.

According to analysis by Simon Fraser University’s Mark Jaccard, the Liberals have the most effective and affordable plan, followed by the Conservatives, the Greens and, in a distant fourth, the NDP.

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Former B.C. Green leader endorses Liberal climate plan, slams Green infighting

Joan Bryden
The Canadian Press
September 2, 2021

The former leader of the Green party in British Columbia has endorsed the federal Liberals’ plan for combating climate change.

Andrew Weaver says the Liberal plan is “both bold and thoughtful” and is the only credible plan put forward by any federal party.

In the video, Weaver lauds the Liberal plan for including, among other measures, “a world-leading price on carbon pollution” and rapid zero-emissions vehicle deployment “which is even strong policy that one we developed here in B.C.”

“This is a plan that reflects the urgency and scale of the crisis,” he says.

“I’m extremely impressed at how ambitious the Liberal Party of Canada’s plan is and I’m confident that this is the right path for Canada.”

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Assessing climate sincerity in the Canadian 2021 election

Marc Jaccard
Policy Options
September 3, 2021

Canadian voters want to elect climate sincere politicians but identifying them isn’t easy, especially as each party touts the merits of its climate plan. So non-partisan experts like me try to help by assessing climate plans, a task I’ve performed for over two decades. For the federal 2021 election, I here assess the GHG targets, policies and costs of the climate promises of the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens.

The Liberals score high (8/10) relative to the other parties for their performance from 2015 to 2021 as the first federal government to be honest about the necessary policies and their costs. They don’t get a perfect score, however, because they upped their target to 40 per cent without simultaneously announcing policies to achieve it. During this election campaign, they’ve unveiled these policies and they are likely to achieve their target, which is good. But they should have made efforts to implement these policies as a minority government before calling an election.

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On climate change, political actions speak louder than words

Stewart Elgie
Toronto Star
Sept. 13, 2021

The Trudeau government was elected in November 2015. One month later, it set a tougher national climate target through the Paris Agreement. Trudeau then brought together the provincial and territorial leaders to commit to meet this target and build Canada’s first-ever detailed national climate plan.

Since then, the federal government has rolled out a series of significant climate laws, including: phasing out coal-fired power (the largest global source of emissions) by 2030; a Canada-wide price on carbon, with revenues rebated to provinces and households; regulating methane emissions from oil and gas; a clean fuel standard, requiring decarbonization of liquid fuels by 2030; and requiring Canada to reach net zero emissions by 2050, with reduction targets every five years.

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Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — notable figures share their endorsements as Canadians head to the polls

Richie Assaly
Toronto Star
September 17, 2021

Just days before Canadians head to the polls on September 20, three major figures in U.S. politics have chimed in with their political endorsements for the 44th federal election.

On Thursday, former U.S. President Barack Obama endorsed Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on Twitter, calling Trudeau an “effective leader and strong voice for democratic values.” Obama also endorsed Trudeau in the 2019 federal election.

On Friday, former First Lady and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton followed suit, sharing her support for Trudeau on Twitter, citing his “leadership in the fight for accessible child care, protected reproductive rights, and ambitious climate action.”

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