STATEMENT from Yasir Naqvi: The Liberals are the only party that will deliver $10 child care in Ontario

STATEMENT from Yasir Naqvi: The Liberals are the only party that will deliver $10 child care in Ontario

September 15, 2021

This pandemic has exacerbated many of the hardships faced by Canadians and has made it clear that without access to child care, parents — and, in particular moms — cannot fully participate in the economy. Ensuring families have access to early learning and child care is not just a social issue — it is an urgent economic issue. There is no chance for our community to recover if the recovery is not inclusive.

That’s why the Liberal Government introduced a transformational plan to bring $10 a day child care and a 50 percent reduction in costs for families by 2022. Since they introduced the Liberal plan for early learning and child care in April, they have worked tirelessly to reach agreements with seven provinces and one territory, covering nearly half of children in Canada, to deliver high-quality, accessible, and inclusive child care.

Ontario families cannot afford to be left behind. No children should be left behind. A re-elected Liberal government will get the job done and deliver $10 a day child care for Ontario families. We need Doug Ford’s government to step up to join eight provinces and territories that have already signed an agreement for child care.

The Liberal government has a proven track record of working with Ontario to deliver the things that matter to our families. If elected as Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre, I will work tirelessly to keep Doug Ford and Ontario at the table and deliver on child care for our community. I will not allow our kids and our families to lose out on the biggest economic opportunity in generations. The recovery must be inclusive and now is the time to give hope to all Ontarians that we will not leave them behind.

That is why this election is so important. Canadians, and voters in Ottawa Centre, have a clear choice. Erin O’Toole won’t stand up to Doug Ford. Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives want to rip up these child care agreements. The Conservatives don’t believe that supporting publicly accessible, affordable, and high-quality child care is important for Canada’s future. Erin O’Toole thinks that tax credits will get the job done instead. He does not get that tax credits will do far less to help families than our plan and won’t create new child care spaces or hire new early childhood educators. And he does not get that tax credits only help those families that can pay for child care in the first place.

The last time a Liberal government brought forward an affordable child care plan, the NDP worked with the Conservatives and stopped it for an entire generation. This election, Jagmeet Singh hasn’t ruled out supporting Erin O’Toole, which means he would help him scrap $10 a day child care. We can’t let that happen – families are depending on it.

Only one party will ensure that families have $10 a day child care. And I am the only candidate in Ottawa Centre who will stand up and ensure that Premier Ford does the right thing for families and children in our community.

Yasir Naqvi
Liberal candidate for Ottawa Centre

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