Yasir Naqvi – Letter to the National Capital Commission – Extending the Colonel By Drive pilot project to a full-year

Yasir Naqvi – Letter to the National Capital Commission – Extending the Colonel By Drive pilot project to a full-year

September 8, 2021

Tobi Nussbaum
Chief Executive Officer
National Capital Commission
202 – 40 Elgin Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 1C7

Dear Mr. Nussbaum,

COVID-19 has made us all recognize that we need more spaces that are outdoors and to recreate our cities around people, not cars. That is good not only when we are in a pandemic and need to physical distance, but it is also good for our mental health, for our community, and for our environment.

I am thankful to you and all the National Capital Commission (NCC) staff working so hard during this unprecedented time. The NCC has shown tremendous leadership in our community with the pilot programs closing the Queen Elizabeth Drive, Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway, Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway, and Colonel By Drive for pedestrian and cyclists. The NCC pilot project has been a great way for residents in the area to get outdoors, enjoy our community, and commute to work and school while practicing safe physical distancing.

As you may know, last week, I unveiled my Ottawa Centre Climate Action Plan that detailed how — if elected — I will work tirelessly to further strengthen the Liberal government’s climate action and make Ottawa the greenest capital in the world — and an even better place to live. As part of this Plan, I have committed to work to improve walking, cycling, rolling and skiing infrastructure by advocating for stable funding for our winter trails along the Ottawa River, and extend the project to close Colonel By Drive to vehicle traffic for a full-year pilot.

Extending the popular Colonel By Drive pilot project to a full-year would not only allow our community to get out of their cars to walk, bike and roll to work and school, it would also give our community the necessary data and comprehensive details to measure the quantitative success of this important project. Major cities around the world are taking measures to convert major streets from vehicular traffic to active transportation. This is our opportunity in Ottawa.

I trust that you will take this under consideration and will agree that re-instating the pilot would enhance our UNESCO World Heritage site and is the best decision for the health and wellbeing of community and our city.


Yasir Naqvi
Liberal Candidate for Ottawa Centre

yasirnaqvi.liberal.ca |  613.729.6101 |  445 Churchill Ave North, Ottawa