Yasir Naqvi Commits to Double the number of New Affordable and Accessible Homes Currently Funded in Ottawa Centre

Yasir Naqvi Commits to Double the number of New Affordable and Accessible Homes Currently Funded in Ottawa Centre

August 26, 2021

New affordable and energy efficient homes will help address the severe housing needs in Ottawa

OTTAWA, August 26, 2021 – Yasir Naqvi, Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre, today committed to work to create 1700 more new affordable and accessible homes — doubling what was funded since 2015 in Ottawa Centre — to reduce chronic homelessness through the National Housing Strategy and Rapid Housing Initiative. He will also seek investments in energy efficient retrofits of existing community housing.

COVID-19 and the global economic crisis has exacerbated many of the hardships faced by Ottawans experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. Owning a home should not be out of reach and renting should not be so expensive in Ottawa Centre.

“Safe and affordable housing is a human right. Together, we have built thousands of affordable housing units in Ottawa, but there is so much more to build. If I earn the vote of Ottawa Centre residents, this housing commitment will help families, new Canadians, young people, low-income Ottawans, people experiencing homelessness, and women and children fleeing violence find a safe and affordable place to
call home,” Naqvi said.

New affordable, accessible, and energy efficient housing will help address the severe housing needs of members of our community who need it most here in our community of Ottawa Centre. While a re-elected Liberal government will continue to work hard to address housing affordability and availability across Canada. This includes building, preserving, or repairing 1.4 million homes, protecting your rights and
unlocking home ownership by doubling the Home Buyers Tax Credit to help young Canadians buy their first home.

As the Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa Centre for over a decade, Naqvi delivered on his commitment to build hundreds of accessible affordable housing units.

“I have shown that I can deliver on affordable and community housing promises, like the Cornerstone Housing for Women and Beaver Barracks. More affordable and accessible homes in Ottawa Centre and further investments in energy efficient retrofits is something I believe in and want to see for Ottawa Centre, in the next four years. This commitment speaks to my priorities: making Ottawa Centre an affordable and inclusive community while continuing strong climate action,” Naqvi said.


Chantalle Aubertin

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